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Article I. Corporate Name And Boundaries And Platting Of Property
Article II. Corporate And General Powers
Article III. Taxes And Taxation
Article IV. Power As To Bonds, Buffalo Bayou, Sidewalks, State Agency, Streetcar Equipment
Article IVb. Street Improvements—Incorporation Of State Law
Article V. Officers And Elections
Article V-a. Civil Service
Article VI. The Mayor
Article VI-a. Fiscal Year, Budget Allowance, Reports Appropriations, Etc
Article VII. City Council
Article VII-a. Recall Of Officers
Article VII-b. Legislation By The People. Initiative And Referendum
Article VIII. City Controller
Article IX. General Provisions
Appendix A. Sources Of Houston City Charter—Original Act Of 1905 And Subsequent Amendments
Appendix B. Referendum Ordinances Adopted At Elections
Code Of Ordinances
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Administration
Chapter 3. Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 4. Ambulances
Chapter 5. Amusements
Chapter 6. Animals And Fowl
Chapter 7. Antique Dealers, Common Markets, Scrap Metal Processors, Secondhand Resellers And Related Businesses
Chapter 8. Automotive Dealers And Auto Wreckers
Chapter 9. Aviation
Chapter 10. Buildings And Neighborhood Protection
Chapter 11. Burglar And Fire Alarm Protective Services
Chapter 12. Convention And Entertainment Facilities Department
Chapter 13. Emergency Management
Chapter 14. Civil Service
Chapter 15. Contracts
Chapter 16. Municipal Courts
Chapter 17. Equal Rights
Chapter 18. Ethics And Financial Disclosure
Chapter 19. Flood Plain
Chapter 20. Food And Drugs
Chapter 21. Health
Chapter 22. Street Vendors
Chapter 23. Lake Houston
Chapter 24. Libraries
Chapter 25. Special Events
Chapter 26. Parking
Chapter 27. Mini-Warehouses
Chapter 28. Miscellaneous Offenses And Provisions
Chapter 29. Manufactured Homes And Recreational Vehicles
Code Of Ordinances City Of Houston, Texas
Chapter 30. Noise And Sound Level Regulation
Chapter 31. Oil And Gas Wells
Chapter 32. Parks And Recreation
Chapter 33. Planning And Development
Chapter 34. Police And Fire Protection
Chapter 35. Prisoners And Prison Farm
Chapter 36. Public Charities And Trusts
Chapter 37. Public Utilities
Chapter 38. Railroads
Chapter 39. Solid Waste And Litter Control
Chapter 40. Streets And Sidewalks
Chapter 41. Street Names And Site Addresses
Chapter 42. Subdivisions, Developments And Platting
Chapter 43. Pool And Spa Safety
Chapter 44. Taxation
Chapter 45. Traffic
Chapter 46. Vehicles For Hire
Chapter 47. Water And Sewers
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