Memorandum History Table

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    The table below has been created to maintain a detailed history of changes made to ordinances pursuant to Ordinance No. 2011-797, which is located as Section 1-16 of this Code of Ordinances.

    Ordinance No. 2011-797 was adopted authorizing the City Attorney to direct the publisher of the Code to make non-substantive amendments, correct typographical errors and effect similar changes without the necessity of further action of the City Council.


    Description of Amendment
    10-26-2011 2011-392 Renumbers the sections of Ch. 10, Article XIX from 10-1001—10-1007 to 10-731—10-737
    2011-108 Changing the word "on" to "one" of Section 10-363
    2011-655 Renumbers the reference to "Section 26-48" in sections 2, 3 and 4 of said ordinance to "Section 28-46".
     2-22-2012 2011-1201 Section 2 of Ord. No. 2011-1201 replaced the term Article IV of Chapter 46 with the term "Section 46-191. The intent of this revision was to amend only Section 46-191, and not to replace the entirety of Article IV of Chapter 46 with the proposed amendments to Section 46-191.
    2011-1086 Former Section 3 was deleted, but the subsequent sections were not renumbered. This correction renumbers Sections 4 through 13 as Sections 3 through 12 and makes corresponding changes to citations to those sections.
    2011-1165 A subsection letter was accidentially skipped; this is corrected by redesignating subsections (k) through (o) of Section 32-301 of the City Code as subsections (j) through (n).
     4-19-2012 2011-1175 Said ordinance accidentally repealed subsection (g) from Section 26-157. Said memorandum adds back Section 26-157(g).
     9-12-2012 Section 2-263(a) is amended to update the references to State Law.
    Section 9-782(a)(3) is amended to correct the lettering of subitems so that there are no longer two subsections designated as "c.".
    Section 21-225 is amended to conform subsection (f) to changes in the Texas Health and Safety Code.
     7-17-2013 2013-248 Mistakenly add a line of text to Item "7 to Section 15-17."7. Said line of text deleted.
     1-23-2014 2013-455 Correct Sections 2 and 3 of said ordinance; intent of ordinance was to amend § 14-142, not § 14-140. If not corrected, the errors described above will lead to confusion, mislead the user of the Code and render the attempt to update Section 14-142 ineffective.
    2013-1081 Over the course of multiple drafts of the Wage Theft Ordinance, a new provision was inserted into Section 15-63 and numbered subsection (b), re-numbering the existing subsection (b) as subsection (c). Prior to such change, subsection (b) made a reference to "the preceding subsection" meaning subsection (a) of that section and the criteria listed therein. The insertion of the "new" subsection (b) made a reference in the current subsection (c) erroneous as it was always intended to refer to the criteria in subsection (a). Without the proposed correction, the reference to "preceding subsection" now in subsection (c) would be a reference to subsection (b), not subsection (a), as intended.
    2013-1163 Correct Section 2 of Ordinance No. 2013-1163, amending Chapter 28 of the Code to add a new Article XV relating to consumer protection and regulation of credit access businesses (Pay Day Loan Ordinance), by amending the last sentence of subsection (d) of Section 28-502 to read as follows: "An extension of consumer credit that provides for repayment in installments many not be refinanced or renewed." The error is a typo and the correction proposed above will ensure that the original intent of the ordinance is achieved in this regard.