§ 5. Removal of the Mayor  

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  • In case of misconduct, inability or wilful neglect in the performance of the duties of his office, the Mayor may be removed from office by the City Council by vote of two-thirds of all the Councilmen elected, but shall be given an opportunity to be heard in his defense, and shall have the right to have process issued to compel the attendance of witnesses, who shall be required to give testimony, if he so elects. The hearing, in case of impeachment of the Mayor, shall be public and a full and complete statement of the reasons for such removal, if he be removed, together with the findings of facts as made by the Council, shall be filed by the City Council in the public archives of the city, and shall become and be a matter of public record.

    Pending the charge of impeachment against the Mayor, the City Council may suspend him from office for a period of not exceeding thirty days by a vote of two-thirds of the Councilmen elected, and if upon final hearing the conclusions and findings of the City Council are that the Mayor be impeached and removed from office, such findings shall be final. (Added by amendment August 15, 1942)