§ 11. Provision for Interest and Sinking Fund on Bonded Indebtedness in Budget  

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  • In making up the budget allowance for any current year, the City Council shall first make provision for the payment of the interest and the creation, setting aside and preservation of a legal sinking fund upon all of the outstanding bonded indebtedness of the city, and shall then make such appropriations as the remaining revenues of the city justify, to be apportioned among the respective departments, or otherwise appropriated for public uses, as to the Council may seem best; provided, however, that in no case shall the entire appropriation as made, which comprehends interest and sinking fund on the bonded debt, together with other public uses and purposes, ever exceed the estimated available resources, which shall be based upon the probable revenues of the city derived from ad valorem taxes upon the basis of the total valuation of the property for taxation for the preceding year, and of such other contingent revenues of the city as may probably accrue.

    It shall be deemed a malfeasance for the City Council to make an appropriation in the budget the sum total of which shall exceed the estimated available or probable revenues for any current fiscal year. (Added by amendment of August 15, 1942)