§ 8-92. Licensing requirements  

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  • In order to obtain a body shop facility with storage privileges license, the applicant must demonstrate:

    (1) That on the premises where the licensed facility will be situated, the applicant operates a body shop that is operationally equipped with one or more frame machines, an estimating system, two or more fully equipped body repair bays and one or more city permitted vehicle paint booths, which equipment shall be situated within enclosed structures.

    (2) That the licensed facility may not derive more than 25 percent of all income from fees charged specifically for storage of vehicles on the premises.

    (3) That, in addition to the vehicle storage area required under item (5), below, the operator has, upon the premises, not less than five parking spaces for every 1,000 square feet of gross floor area, as required for an auto repair establishment under chapter 26 of this Code.

    (4) That the premises abuts a major thoroughfare and will take access to the premises for all purposes relating to the operation of the body shop and the storage of vehicles from the major thoroughfare.

    (5) That the premises has an enclosed all-weather-improved surface parking area not larger than seven and one-half marked parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of gross floor area, measured and construed in the same manner provided in chapter 26 of this Code, that will be utilized as its vehicle storage area. The area shall be enclosed in the same manner described in section 8-30(e) of this Code, provided that if the premises abuts any deed restricted property and the deed restrictions require a particular type of fence, then the fence shall also conform to the style required in the abutting property's deed restrictions. The vehicle storage area shall be located on the same tract or parcel of land where the body shop is situated or a contiguous tract or parcel of land. For this purpose, "contiguous" shall include an abutting tract or parcel and shall also include atract or parcel that is situated directly across the major thoroughfare from which the body shop takes it access. For these purposes, the term directly across means that 50 percent or more of the tract frontages on the opposite sides of the major thoroughfare are parallel.

    (6) That signs are conspicuously posted at each public entrance to the premises setting forth the hours of operation and the amount of any daily vehicle storage fee imposed.

(Ord. No. 99-1354, § 3, 12-21-99)