§ 39-76. Yard waste collection  

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  • City collectors will pick up yard waste in conjunction with automated collection service if the waste is prepared and placed pursuant to this section. Any person desiring to place yard waste for collection by the city shall cause the same to be placed in biodegradable bags not exceeding 50 pounds total weight, provided that tree trimmings having a diameter of less than three inches and related materials may be securely tied in bundles not heavier than 50 pounds and not more than four feet in length nor 18 inches in diameter. No person shall place more than four bundles of tree trimmings for removal on any one day of collection. Yard waste not placed for collection in biodegradable bags or bundled properly will not be collected. Yard waste placed for collection must be a sufficient distance from automated service containers so as not to interfere with standard automated side-loader trucks. Yard waste shall not be placed in automated service containers.

(Ord. No. 09-823, § 14, 9-2-09)